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Abbie – Female

TAB Birthdate:   April 25, 2016

Abbie is a sweet girl who loves other cats, but she is really quite shy with people, especially when there are more than 2 in a room. She is very gentle and does enjoy attention when she is brave enough to come out for it. Abbie needs a nice quiet home who will give her the time she needs to come around at her own pace.

Currently in Foster Care.

April 2017 update on Abbie from her foster home

Abbie is doing great. The change of place really did her good.

She likes hanging out on the couch near me, getting pet, and rubbing herself against my legs (even while I’m walking :P). She still bolts if I get up from my chair too fast, but otherwise she’s really cuddly. She’s also got a super-cute meow that’s more like a squeak, and she purrs a fair bit now. She doesn’t like getting picked up much, but she’ll hang out on my lap for a bit if I’m petting her.

Gin still doesn’t like her much, but it hasn’t escalated.

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