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Male – Tabby – Black & Tan Estimated Birthdate: Mar. 3, 2015

Monty was found and brought into ICAN from the Canal Flats area. He is
very friendly, loves tummy & arm pit rubs; talkative; friendly, well trained, uses litter box. Monty also loves to play and loves humans. 

He does, however not care for the company of other cats. It is believed he might have been dropped off from a car. He has 2 broken fangs: approx 1/4 of right upper fang is broken off; 3/4 of right lower fang broken off

Let’s give this little guy a new “leash” on life and a family who will love him, No animal should be dumped in a strange areaand left to fend for himself.





Female – Black & White … Estimated Birthdate: Feb 13, 2014

Penny was surrendered by her family because they just were not a good fit. She is nervous around too many people, and is on the shy side. Small children running around make her uncomfortable and she isn’t keen on other animals.

Rather than struggle with these dynmaics and make her uncomfortable, she has been given this new opportunity to find her ideal forever home.

Penny loves people once she gets to know you and has been an indoor/outdoor girl, but she prefers to be indoors. She has been spayed and well taken care of.



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Above is a picture of Ella standing on her own before going for a walk!

Meet Ella, an adorable girl who joined us in late December. She is a mixed breed, estimated birth date is Sept 13, 2017, and was 14 kg upon arrival. Upon a recommended high protein diet, and special home made food, we’re pleased to report Ella has gained some weight. She is a happy, playful, lovable girl who doesn’t take notice she’s not able to get around like other dogs do.

As a puppy, Ella suffered a pelvic fracture that has resulted in her having substantial difficulty walking. She is able to walk a bit, especially with a sling to assist her. However she does mostly move about by scooting around on her behind, which doesn’t faze her in the least. This girl has a can-do attitude and more! Ella’s doggy smile in the first photo radiates her happiness at having a wonderful foster family and the help she needs to get better!

The great news from the homeopathic veterinarian is that with rehabilitation, as well as laser and VOM (veterinary orthopedic manipulation) work, Ella should become a proficient walker. After several treatments her spine appears straighter, also she has better range of motion in her most affected leg.

If you/a friend/family member are interested in adopting Ella her amazing foster family has shared the following: Ella loves to play with her foster sister, a border collie. She also loves her chew toys and balls, enjoys sitting by the fire, exploring the outdoors or cuddling with her humans. Ella is not a fan of the vacuum cleaner nor sharing her toys or food with other dogs. Due to Ella’s limitations with walking, she needs to be in a home that is carpeted or has lots of area rugs and runners that allow her to get a grip and solid footing.

Ongoing and varied treatments are necessary to assist Ella in achieving greater mobility. This however is resulting in us incurring greater costs with her recovery than anticipated. Please consider providing a donation specific to her rehabilitation. We sincerely appreciate your partnering with us to provide Ella with the best life possible!

Update: We recently had another vet assessment done for Ella. This included X-rays and an extensive examination including standing and walking exercises, to get a better sense of her limitations. Ella’s back right leg has far better better range of motion than when she first arrived at ICAN and we believe laser treatments assisted with that! She is a good candidate for physiotherapy, with efforts to train her to weight her hind legs and use them more. The vet believes with that focus, some good progress would be made with her, especially given she is so young. With your help we can ensure Ella gets all the help she needs and deserves. Thanks for your donations and your good thoughts, they are much appreciated by ICAN and of course by Ella herself!
She has definitely improved since coming into ICAN’s, and her wonderful foster family’s, care!

We applaud Dr. Audrey Remedios and staff at the SAVE – Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Okotoks. ICAN greatly appreciated your time and care in meeting with and assessing Ella!

Donations can be made by Interac eTransfer to (please also email us with your name & address for tax receipts and let us know that your donation is for Ella) or donate via credit card through Canada Helps at (in the message section please write that it is for Ella). We will also GRATEFULLY accept cheque or cash donations which can be dropped off at the shelter (call 250-341-7888 to make sure someone is available to take your donation)!
Any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated and make a huge difference! Or, maybe you have a loving home that would be perfect for this little gal. If so:-

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Female – Calico Short Hair .. Estimated Birthdate: Jan 15, 2015

Puff has the most gorgeous markings and loves to be pampered by people.

This little girl is one who will be happy to share you with other family members however, she
does not particularly enjoy the company of other animals, so it would be best if she went to a home where she was an only cat.

She is fine around children, it seems to be mostly other cats she has an issue with. She has been around a dog. She loves to be picked up, petted and brushed.

If you think your home might be the right fit for Puff, then come meet her anytime.

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Male – Tan Tabby Longhair .. Estimated Birthdate: August 13, 2018

Little Chiclet was literally found up a tree in Radium and taken in overnight by a local, then picked up by ICAN. Posted as Found on Facebook but as yet no one has claimed him.

This little fellow is just plain handsome and while we are still getting to know him and learn more about his personality, so far we can tell you he is a darling.  Very social and loves to play with an extremely mellow personality 🙂

Chiclet looks so much like one of our special rescues from 3 years ago that several of us did a double take upon seeing him. Come back and visit us soon to find out more about him or better yet, make an appointment to come and visit him and see for yourself!

Successfully reunited with companion. February 2019

Summit James

Summit James (Male) came to us from Saskatchewan where he was surrendered along with 9 siblings at 6 weeks of age.


Born October 28, 2018, he is a Shar Pei-Catahoula Cross. We also took in one of his siblings, River Mae and they immediately went into ICAN foster care

We are now accepting adoption applications for this little fellow who is looking for his forever home.



ADOPTED January 20, 2019

Bailey #3

Female – Black … Estimated Birthdate: Jan 5, 2018

Bailey #3 was found stray in the Canal Flats area and brought to ICAN for her well being.

She was checked by our local Vet Clinic right away to determine if she was spayed and check on her overall health. 

The nice lady who cared for Bailey tended to a small wound on her side and she did a fine job.  It seems to have healed nicely.

Thank heaven for the good people who keep an eye out for and help look after lone animals especially this time of year when they might not survive without our help.

Bailey is a cute, petite little girl looking for a quieter home. She is a little nervous around new cats but warms up to them as they get to know each other! She is good around humans – a little shy until she gets to know you, but then comes looking for normal love and attention.

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Male – Neutered Tuxedo (Black & White) 
Estimated Birthdate:   Dec 6, 2015

Levi loves snuggles and chin scratches and he has completely warmed up to having his photo taken  🙂   He is a handsome lad.
He is also very fond of treats! This dashing boy is looking for a forever home where he can get lots of all the above, and of course kitty naps. He gives a lot of love and is always ready to receive lots of love! 

He was trapped by a local resident and brought to ICAN.  We took him to the Vet and had him checked for health and neutered, and while he has settled in well at the shelter – he’d really like to meet you and go home with you.  🙂

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Female – White with Black Markings .. Estimated Birthdate: Feb 8, 2012

Itty was reluctantly surrendered to ICAN along with her sister cat Doobert, also a female, due to circumstances beyond their owner’s control.

We are hoping they might be adopted together since they have spent the past six years in each other’s company, but if not we are sure they will each adjust to a new home.

Itty and her sister cat have been indoor/outdoor and are friendly and well adjusted. Itty has certainly enjoyed her food, she is a big cat, but we are paying special attention to her diet so she gets back to a better weight for her age.

Both these girls are delightful. If you are thinking you would like a well adjusted pair of little darlings, check out Doobert too 🙂

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