Rescuing, Sheltering and Rehoming Companion Animals in the Columbia Valley of BC since 2007

Useful Links

Animal Care and Safety

B.C. bans declawing of cats.  

Cat Safety:    Keeping your companion animals safe from harm.

Cat Care:   How to guides.  

Adopting – making sure you are a good match – A MUST READ if you are planning to adopt an animal for your family.

Maddie’s Fund – wonderful pet information and research

Plants – Indoor and Outdoor that are toxic to animals  (shows non-toxic plants as well)

Cares Cat Shelter – The Truth About Declawing

Pet Education (and behavioral problems)


The Importance of Pets and Companion Animals

Alumni of our programs are often under great amounts of anxiety, depression, and stress. According to the Mental Health Foundation, the companionship that a pet offers is a great way to reduce these issues often associated with recovery from substance abuse.  Due to the mental health benefits of pet adoption, we’re trying to spread the word and encourage more people to adopt!   Click for more information.


ICAN Fundraising Efforts:

Canada Helps

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Our other rescue friends!

Kootenay Animal Assistance Program

Best Friends Animal Society

Misty Creek Dog Rescue

Little Mittens Animal Rescue Association

Creston PAWS

Canmore SPCA

Cranbrook SPCA

Paws for Hope

Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

The Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force

Meow Foundation


Whistler WAG 

Global Animal Lovers


TNR Organizations:

Spay It Forward – Concord North Carolina    Our mission is to alleviate the population of unwanted companion animals by providing funds for spay and neuter of pets of low income families and pets otherwise neglected.     Spay It Forward assists with spay and neuter of feral/stray cats in managed colonies.

Feral Cat Information:

Alley Cat Allies

Quadra Cat Rescue