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Taco – Male – Tuxedo

Estimated Birthdate:   September 8, 2017

These little survivors came to us having had virtually no time at all with their Mother cat, who was struggling herself to feed this litter.   Rescued from Skookumchuk and placed in the care of one of our experienced volunteers, we are pleased to report that these kids came to us weighing 133 and 129 gram.  As of this post October 6, 2017 they now weigh 360 ( Buritta ) and 376 ( Taco).

It is most unusual to get babies this young and a lot of work goes into helping little critters like this survive their first 3 weeks.    They are now thriving and sweet little beings who will be ready for adoption in early November.

Photographed together – individual photos to come, Taco is the little black and white guy, and Burrita is a soft grey tabby color.


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