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Radar– Male – Tabby
Estimated Birthdate: July 6, 2018

Updated:   September 17, 2018

These little fellows (all boys) are from the same litter and are named Rocket, Radar, Chip, Captain and Crisco.

They are now available for viewing and are in foster care.   All are healthy, growing, very active, and LOVE human contact.  Real snugglers.  Radar is the quietest of the bunch, however all 5, are very active and loving.

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This is one of 6 kittens that were rescued from underneath a 5th wheel trailer at Canyon RV Resort, by trailer owners visiting from Calgary.  They were  brought to ICAN in two batches, with first 3 being located July 19th and then the next day, July 20th, another 3 were found.     They are currently in care with an ICAN foster volunteer and are being bottle fed and nurtured as they would have been by their mother.  It is suspected the mother may have been transported either pregnant or with newborn kittens from Calgary.   Every attempt on ICAN’s part was made to locate the mother so we could reunite her with her kittens, but to no avail.

Adopted with Crisco

ADOPTED October 2, 2018



Both of these kids got adopted today, to the same home and they have just left, so should be to their new digs by 6:30 or so

Rescued by ICAN volunteer on a logging road near Lost Dog Ridge.   Lots of hunters up there who all confirmed that yes, there was a cat up the mountain.

She was just hunkered and shivering though, just shaking, with her eyes half mast.  Took my chances by her body language and approached her with more food.  So long story short, I wrapped the fleece blanket around her and picked her up.  Wrapped her up in a little ball so she couldn’t see and felt safe.  I was shocked she didn’t struggle at all, not even a smidgen!


ADOPTED November 28, 2017


Tink – Femaletink-11-28-16

Est. birth date:   Jan 28, 2016

Tink was surrendered along with her sister due to a pending family move.    Both Harley and Tink have integrated into the ICAN house well so they get along both with humans and other cats.

These girls would love to be adopted out together if you have room for them in your heart and home.


ADOPTED December 19, 2016

Flame joins ICAN as Top Cat

FlameHead10-15Well, it’s official. We can’t let this sweet little guy go! With Radar having found his new forever home, the position of TOP CAT just had to go to Flame, who joined us at the shelter in June of 2015.

Flame has proven himself to be such a friendly and loving representative of our services, greeting everyone as they come and go, that he is staying with us permanently. Flame now has his own ICAN GREEN wardrobe, which has been lovingly created for him by one of our dedicated volunteers.

Everyone can see he has been promoted to ICAN Supurrvisor!!


Flame is a gentle lover of people,  always ready with a welcome and if you are willing, a cuddle.   Flame is an indoor only kitty.  He has never been outside and he integrates well with other cats of mixed ages.

If you are looking for a mature cat who will enjoy your affection and who is not nervous or the least bit anxious,  this boy is for you!    This 10 year old gentleman is a real eye catcher for everyone who sees him.    His owner was forced to surrender him due to having to move into assisted living.

Flame is the sweetest most tolerant and at the same time playful boy who has ever entered our shelter. We wonder why he is still with us.  His love for humans is proven over and over again by the many smooches he gives.  He has a lot of wonderful years left to give someone and is patiently waiting for his new forever home which should be indoor only.  This boy is a must to meet !

Flame was promoted to “house supervisor and ICAN representative in September of 2015.