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2020 Annual General Meeting

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held at 2:00 PM on June 28, 2020 outdoors, at the ICAN Shelter location on Panorama Drive in Athalmer. Please bring your own chairs, drinks and Personal Protection Equipment. SEEKING BOARD MEMBERS.


Female – Pastel blue/cream calico, white toes Green-gold eyes – Estimated birthdate: April 27, 2019

Personality:  Born feral, Marchesa is still shy of trusting human touch, but is improving. She loves brushing /petting and string play but is quite evasive about being handled.  She “freezes” in a safe place for pickup.  When “caught” and cuddled, she relaxes and purrs after a minute.  She does best with a “mentor” cat.  Spayed, Litter box trained, indoor fostered.

This little darling has also been lovingly nurtured and socialized in the home of one of ICAN’s most experienced foster volunteers, along with her sister Coco. She is now very ready for the next step of finding her own forever family. Please give us a call at 250-341-7888 to make an appointment to meet her.


Coco EWB

Female – Calico – Pastel – white toes, green-gold eyes – Estimated Birthdate: April 27, 2019

Personality:  Born feral, Coco has taken some time to learn to relax and trust.  She remains independent until she has things figured out but once she trusts, she loves brushing/ petting and hanging around her folk. She will beg for attention, by rubbing against, poking or the rare love nip. Spayed, Litter box trained and indoor fostered.

This little darling has been lovingly nurtured and socialized in the home of one of ICAN’s most experienced foster volunteers along with her sister Marchesa who is also available for adoption, should you be looking for two adorable young ladies. She is now very ready for the next step of finding her own forever family. Please give us a call at 250-341-7888 to make an appointment to meet her.



Female – Short haired torti – Estimated birthdate: August 28, 2019

Elena with her brother Eagle, & sisters Elena and Ebony#2, were born to a feral momma in late August and stayed hidden from humans until she was just over 4 weeks old.  Of the 4 kittens in her litter, Elena, true to her Torti nature  even at a mere 4 weeks, was wary and a little difficult to capture.  A survivor ! 

Now however, she is a brave and lovable purr baby and we no longer have to hide around the corner to grab her….she’ll  just come to your lap all on her own.  Available for adoption in a few weeks.

Update: Dec 21 2019 – moved into Kitten Room with Ebony 2. Followups finally yield fact that Elena was adopted Jan 11, 2020 – officlal records not notified until May 15, 2020

ADOPTED January 2020


Male – Tabby – Black, tan and white -Medium Hair – Estimated birthdate: Oct 29, 2007

This handsome fellow was surrendered to ICAN and it took a while but we are happy to say he has responded so well and has turned out to be a little guy who just wants to be loved.

It’s always difficult for a surrender to adjust to being away from a family life, so please, if you have room in your home and your heart for this 12 year old, we invite you to call ICAN to arrange for a viewing.

We understand he is a good mouser and it could be that he would do best in house where he can be the only cat, or where he could have a safe loving home, but still be an indoor/outdoor cat.

February 2020 Update: Tico is most likely best suited for a farm or home where he can be mostly outdoors. He is not socialized to the degree where he wants a lot of people activity. Somewhere he can fit in and protect his home and family from outside and still be safe would be his ideal situation.

March 2020 Update: Tico is now accepting full on pets.  He just came to me yesterday out of the blue. I spent more time with him today.  If I sit he comes right over for his pets. He will “bat” his paw out at times – no claw though.  Could be nervousness.  I am wearing my gloves and still use some caution but what a difference! He seems to really love the human contact. I know it took a long time, but we have seen great strides since that collar came off and I am confident in time things will only get better. He is no longer hiding.





Cookie #2

Female – Torti – Estimated birthdate: August 23, 2016

Cookie #2 came into ICAN as a surrender and she was pregnant. She has spent the last couple of months in a loving foster home where she birthed and has nurtured her 5 kittens, Tony, Taz, Torti, Tally and Twix.

She did a great job of that and is ready for her own forever home. Cookie was emaciated and in need of care herself when she first came to our attention and she flourished in foster care. In order to help Cookie, her kittens were provided with additional feedings by way of bottle/syringe.

Cookie has been spayed and we think she would prefer a home where she could be an “only cat”. She would be even happier as an “only animal” . She exists around other animals and has been introduced to children and dogs, but she can be quite dominant. She is very demonstrative and bonds easily, wanting to be near you. Our best guess is that she would like to have you all to herself, if humanly possible ❤️🐾

Cookie is always looking for pets and snuggles when you walk in the door. She is full of energy, and loves to jump from cat tree to cat tree. She’s also a very attractive little lady with unique coloring.



Female: Torti – Estimated birthdate: May 19, 2019

Is this not one of the most regal and beautiful little girls you’ve ever seen!

Caramel is just gorgeous and has come a long way from the frightened & painfully shy baby she was. She is so sweet and so photogenic. If you are looking for a lovely, quiet and calm little companion, then this girl could be for you!

Caramel came to ICAN along with her sibling Puma, after being rescued from a barn.

She is a bit shy around new people but she warms up pretty quick and purrs easily! She loves head scratches and playing and pets! She would be fine with a feline friend to play & hang out with in a quiet home. 



Female: Calico-Pastel .. Estimated Birthdate: Feb 8, 2011

Doobert was reluctantly surrendered to ICAN along with her sister Itty due to circumstances beyond their owner’s control. Doobert and her sister cat were indoor/outdoor, friendly and well adjusted when they arrived at ICAN.

Doobert, affectionately known to ICAN Volunteers as “Doobie” has been at the shelter for a while now and she is more than ready for her new home!

Doobie would be best suited for a mature family or at least one with older children.  She loves pets and attention and will come seeking loving from humans, but she is not comfortable with the smells of other cats or animals on you.

While at the shelter, we have noticed that Doobie will nip or nibble on you when she wants more attention but that may change once she is back in “her own home” setting, with regular family around her. That said, she is best suited for people who would understand this need or behavior, should it continue once she is out of a shelter environment.  Although she was surrendered with her sister, she does prefer individual attention. She gets along just fine with other cats at the shelter.

Adopt This Animal

Patches #3

Female – Black & White – Manx – Estimated Birthdate: Dec 18, 2018

Patches #3 was a stray who was surrendered to ICAN foster care. Patches was to be spayed in June, when we discovered she was pregnant (half way to term) so she remained in ICAN foster care until she weaned her kittens. She’s a very sweet and gentle girl.



On July 12, 2019, Patches gave birth to 4 kittens.

Patches is quite the playful little girl! She and Duchess love playing together, likely due in part to the fact that they’re both so young with Patches being about 10 months old and Duchess being just over a year. Both of these young gals are friendly and love human attention!



ADOPTED April 2020

Indy (formerly Sioux)

Female – Grey and White, with typical tabby face. Estimated birth date: May 21, 2018

This little lady was once known as Sioux and was renamed Indy when she was adopted in July 2018.

She was one of five kittens that were turned into ICAN during our 2018 Kitten Crusade program.

Indy is now resident at ICAN after being surrendered and will be happy to find her new home with the right family.

She seems to be a wonderful companion.  We would suggest a quiet home with no children and I think no other pets would be a good idea as well.

Adopted and going to her new home in May, 2020

ADOPTED April 2020