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Female – Tabby mix with Torti coloring – Estimated Birthdate: June 18, 2020

Meet Sage! She was a rescue along with her 3 gorgeous kittens, Clover, Basil and Willow. She is currently in ICAN foster care and is doing a great job of mothering her little ones, until they are spay/neutered and ready to move to their newly adopted families.

Sage will soon be able to leave her current foster care home, to go to her own new family. We were successful in getting her spay booked for mid April so pretty much any time after that she will be ready to leave. Will that be with you?

She is calm and as you can see a real beauty. Her Foster Mom says Sage is very sweet. She’s very friendly and likes to be petted, but isn’t the type to cuddle or settle in with you for long periods. They say she does “drive by” petting sessions frequently, before she’s off to somewhere else. 

She has likely been an indoor/outdoor cat prior to coming to us since daytimes she seems to want to go out. At intake we were told she was okay with kids, didn’t like being held often, likes scratching logs and was indifferent to visitors. Depending on the risk to her safety in your area, you may want to keep her in, or use a harness if you take her outside of a safe and fenced yard. She will have adjusted to not going outside now while she is in foster care, so it is a good time to put her safety first.